Ten signs making you notice you are main warrior!

  • ENGAGE!!!
  • As long as there is this tiny 1-pixel wide green bar above your mighty hero, everything is ready for the next teamfight!
  • You meet every few days with Conan the Barbarian and Dschingis Khan for a cup of tea and remembering the good old times when slaughtering weaklings and crushing their skulls. So hilarious!
  • You perfectly work in a complete team. You could be even better if your teammates were responding to your decision to shout „ENGAGE!!!“ and rush with Mach 3 into the enemy team.
  • Your skills mostly are a mixture of CC, self-heal, damage, damage reduction, escape, engange and so on… Women complain in front of their wardrobes „I have NOTHING to dress“, you complain „I have nothing to skill!“
  • Checking the stats you dream of having high numbers, only a single time! You’ve got a little bit of everything, but you cannot do anything right… Well, maybe CC! But this is no score!
  • If people start flaming each other you type sentences like.. No! Warriors do not type sentences. Warriors maintain conversation (is this the correct expression?) like Neanderthals. More than one word is simply not possible in chat. Examples?
    Warrior Between the lines
    Engage! It’s the ideal point of time to start a fight! Get ready and go in!
    Follow! Why no one joins my engages? Never?!
    Boss! I’m going for the boss. Join me if you like to.
    Back! I’m really not into tanking that stuff for you right now. Leave or die!
    Heal! Show me your healing skills, support dude! I don’t need it but I’m just curious.
    Focus! I’m reading a newspaper right now and cannot focus on the game. Deal with it!
  • You skill whatever you want to skill. ATTENTION! Some warriors go FULL-tank. But don’t waste your happy tears too early.. They usually do this only right after waking up (because too tired) or right before going to bed (because too drunk).
  • If someone from your team dies, this will be definitely NOT you. You don’t like flaming, you don’t do flaming. This is somehow a type of communication and to be honest, warriors do not need such things.. Pff!
  • You don’t die a single time the whole game! You scored like 3 or 4 kills on your own and wasted around 40 kills for your team with your knockbacking skills. Your engages took around 20 times a teammates life. Who thinks about Diablo or Muradin’s Haymaker now should cons…. ENGAGE!!!

About Flom

Ich spiele am PC seit ich denken kann. Habe mit Old School Adventures (Space Quest) angefangen und bin über Commander Keen dann bei Duke Nukem 3D gelandet. Seit dem bin ich dem Shooter Genre verfallen und mausere mich durch allerlei Genres. Meine Favoriten sind ganz klar 3D-Shooter und seit Heroes of the Storm auch das MOBA Genre. Daneben interessiere ich mich noch stark für eSport allgemein.

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