I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! – Map timings and rules

Ever asked yourself why some players know exactly when to capture a camp, where the next tribute will spawn or when the next objective will occur? Well, this happens because the battlegrounds follow specific rules and some people know these rules by heart (or at least have them on a paper in front of them).

Here we’ve summed up the most important facts about the different maps:

Mercenaries:SöldnerSöldner 2

  • Mercenaries spawn the very first time at the 2 minute mark
  • After a camp has been captured, there are different timings when they will reappear:
    • Siege camps:  after 3 minutes
    • Bruiser camps: after 4 minutes
    • Boss camp: after 5 minutes

Blackheart’s Bay:SHB2

  • The first chests spawn after 50 seconds. After this they appear randomly.
  • Blackheart appears at 1:15 the first time
    • After a team has handed in all dubloons, Blackheart will disappear for 45 seconds
    • Priorities for Blackheart’s cannon:
      • Midlane > toplane > botlane
      • Tower/gate > tower/fountain > fort

Haunted Mines:GM

  • The mines open at the 2 minute mark
  • 2 minutes after both golems were killed the mines will get active again

Dragon Shire:

  • The shrines will spawn for the first time at 1:15
  • The next shrines will spawn 2 minutes after the Dragon Knight has been defeated
  • Dragon Knight:Life points: 5000 (increases per minute in the following order: 5x +600, 5x +700, 5x +900, 5x +1200, 5x +1600, 35x +2100)DG2
    • Auto-attack: 100 damage (+20 per minute, max 60 enhancements) (+100% vs buildings), range 2, 1 attack per second
    • Furious Charge: Charges towards an enemy and kicks him away. Inflicts 160 damage (+100% vs buildings) (+20 per minute, max 60 enhancements), Casting range: 7, Distance for cancelling: 5, cooldown: 8
    • Dragon Breath: Spits fire in a cone, burning his enemies and scorching the ground. Deals 24 damage (+100% vs buildings) (+15 per minute ingame, max 60 enhancements); scorches earth for 10 damage every 0.5 seconds (+100% vs buildings) (+1 per minute ingame, max 60 enhancements) for 4 seconds, cooldown: 6 seconds
    • Death of the Dragon Knight: Explodes for 50 damage (+15 per minute ingame, max 60 enhancements) and knocks enemies back.
    • With every minute passed ingame, the maximum duration of the next Dragon Knight increases by 2 seconds

 Garden of Terror:GdÄ

  • The first night occurs at 1:30
  • Following nights occur 3:20 minutes after the last one (2nd night at 4:50, 3rd night at 8:10,….)
  • Plant:
    • Spore Queen’s Curse
      • After 1.5 seconds all enemies in the target area will turn into plant zombies for 3 seconds
    • Garden Terror Overgrowth
      • Spawn a Plant Overgrowth with 1250 (+80 per minute ingame) health points
      • Entangles, deactivates and deals 70(+7 per minute ingame) damage to enemy structures and rapidly kills minions
    • Sprint
      • Increase Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Sky Temple:TdH

  • The first two temples always spawn at the same positions:
    • 1. Top & Mid
    • 2. Bot
    • 3. Top & Bot or Mid & Bot
    • 4. and following spawn random
  • The first spawn occurs at 1:30 minutes
  • The next temples will activate exactly 2 minutes after the last shot has been fired
  • The duration of a temple phase (if held without interruptions) is 35 seconds until all shots are fired
  • Each temple has 45 shots. The last 5 will fire rapidly and require no hero at the temple
  • Shots from the first temple wave deal 400 damage per shot and increase by 60 per temple wave

Cursed Hollow:VT

  • There are very specific rules for the tributes spawning behavior:
    • 1. A tribute never spawns at the same place two times in a row
    • 2. Tributes cannot spawn all top or all bot
      • So, if the first two spawned top, the third tribute can only spawn bot
    • 3. A tribute never spawns directly below the location of the last tribute spawn. This rule has no effect if a new set* started
    • 4. The 2nd tribute in the game ignores rule 2 and 3 (2nd tribute of the whole game, not of a singlTributee set)
  • *Tributes spawn in sets of three, even though no curse happened
  • Example
    • Tribute 1 spawns in the upper left
    • Tribute 2 spawns top at mid
    • According to rule 2 the 3rd tribute cannot spawn in the upper right. Rule 3 also prevents a spawn in the lower left or mid so the only valid possibility is a spawn in the lower right
  • First tribute spawns at 2:30
  • Then it depends on if a team got cursed or not:
    • No curse: +0:50 till +1:40
    • Curse: +3:00 till +4:00


Tomb of the Spiderqueen:GdS

  • You can pick up jewels for 8 seconds, then they will disappear
  • Netweavers always appear where they face minions, buildings or mercenaries for the first time
    • They summon 2 minions which will reappear after 20 seconds when killed

Battlefield of Eternity:

  • Immortals will spawn for the first time at 1:45SdE
  • The Immortals‘ shield equals to the remaining health bar after conquering him
  • The Immortal will always enter the lane with the most buildings remaining
  • The next time the Immortals will spawn is 1:40 – 1:50 minutes after the last Immortal has died


Infernal Shrines:HS

  • The first shrine gets active after 1:45 minutes
    • A team needs to kill 40 guardians to have the punisher spawning for their side
    • There are 3 kinds of punishers you can easily recognize by the shrine’s color:
      • Arcane (purple)
      • Ice (blue)
      • Fire (red)
  • The next shrine will get active 1:45 minutes after the punisher was killed
  • Shrines‘ activations are random

Towers of Doom:TdU

  • Towers spawn for the first time at 1:30
  • There always are 1-3 towers activated at the same time
  • After 12 minutes a tunnel appears in the center of the map. Both teams can enter this one-way tunnel at their Nexus and will exit at the center

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