Ten things you probably play too much Heroes of the Storm

  • After having payed at the discounter’s cashier, you wait patiently for the canon salve. Arrr!
  • Sometimes you seem paranoid turning around on the street keeping an eye out for Nova or Zeratul. Phew! No one’s there.
  • During your vacation in Egypt you demand occupying the temples!
  • Spawning with E.T.C. whilst listening to Manowar’s „They can’t stop me, let em‘ try!“ fills you with power. You cannot be a coward! Cow-ard! See? Not funny? Okay, no more wit..
  • You list your main-heroes and your former teams in your application. Pff! Who needs maths if he can be Muradin?!
  • You get an offer for a retraining from the employment exchange. The first question you ask is if you can change the ultimate, too.
  • You bought the last 400 packages of seeds in the building supplies store. We will see who is getting the plant monster first!
  • You are flaming the doctor during his office hour because you had a cold last week. WHERE IS THE F$CK!N§ HEALER IF YOU NEED ONE!?
  • You think that Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo is copying far too much from Heroes of the Storm. Heroes FTW!
  • When your mother in law pays a visit and your team asks why you are offline you answer „The dragon knight is free, I have to defend the fort!“


About Flom

Ich spiele am PC seit ich denken kann. Habe mit Old School Adventures (Space Quest) angefangen und bin über Commander Keen dann bei Duke Nukem 3D gelandet. Seit dem bin ich dem Shooter Genre verfallen und mausere mich durch allerlei Genres. Meine Favoriten sind ganz klar 3D-Shooter und seit Heroes of the Storm auch das MOBA Genre. Daneben interessiere ich mich noch stark für eSport allgemein.

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