Ten signs making you notice you are main specialist!

  • Your most favorite place is where there is no one else and you also not even want someone being there with you. Extinguishing the lane specialist-style!
  • Spells! All you can cast! Everything needed to crush those tiny annoying vassals.
  • When people talk about the fall of the Berlin Wall you lean back and think about how many XP this must have been for team East. Incredibly awesome!
  • You work perfectly in a team of minions! Your team may be crying for you all the time, but this lane won’t push on its own.
  • Sometimes you prefer picking skills like „Mercenary Lord“! But your team is not going for camps which would make the talent worthy to pick and start flaming you because of your skill build. Ungrateful bunch!
  • You brag about your XP Contribution and Siege Damage statistics. Without you your team wouldn’t get any levels at all. YOU ARE WELCOME!
  • You live in constant fear when Nova or Zeratul are going to hunt you down. Why always you? You are pushing this lane on your own! All alone! ..ohh.. Well that makes sense.
  • In case you should make it to a team fight you skill anything AoE-like. Whether it is a tower or a hero or more of both, barrage all the time! Something will be hit, no matter what. Fortunately there’s no friendly fire..
  • The actions and plans of your team, who cares? They live.. They die.. You can read it in the deathcounter bar at the upper screen anyways. The mini map only shows the lanes which need a push. Learn to read the map!
  • Depending of the density of assassins in the enemy team and how often your mates lure enemies on YOUR lane, you die too often. But when dying you try to destroy a tower, 3-4 minions or at least some piece of wall. Whilst pushing the whole lane on your own, the enemy team turned in 87 coins, got the dragon lord 5 times, conquered every temple, cursed your team 7 times, cleared the mines with 100% and is attacking your core now. #ForTheTeam #TotallyWorthIt

About Flom

Ich spiele am PC seit ich denken kann. Habe mit Old School Adventures (Space Quest) angefangen und bin über Commander Keen dann bei Duke Nukem 3D gelandet. Seit dem bin ich dem Shooter Genre verfallen und mausere mich durch allerlei Genres. Meine Favoriten sind ganz klar 3D-Shooter und seit Heroes of the Storm auch das MOBA Genre. Daneben interessiere ich mich noch stark für eSport allgemein.

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