Ten signs making you notice you are main assassine!

  • You’re living on the WHOLE map! Always craving for kills!
  • Mana or health, pfft! Even with 10 HP you jump right into the teamfight. You never know, maybe you can score one or two or even five kills!
  • James Bond was your apprentice.. He passed with „sufficient“.
  • You are a one man army. Each additional teammate is actually unnecessary but maybe some of your skill rubs off on them.
  • Your skills aim for killing an enemy within 0.0001ms! Do not forget to smash a provisionally „EASY“ in the allied chat. Everyone shall witness your awesome killing spree.
  • You brag with your hero damage. Your ADC admires you and your supernatural skills. The remaining teammates lower their heads in humility before thee.
  • If people start flaming each other you type sentences like „STFU noobs! I am the only one who carries“ or „AFK!“
  • You only skill DAMAGE! Only! DAMAGE! Well, sometimes some escape skills… but then you knew already before the game that you will be trolling your team.
  • If a teammate dies and you could have helped him you start to flame him for not surviving another 3 seconds because you could have easily scored another 3 kills, at least! You flame until everyone, even the enemy team, is deeply sorry for their fails.
  • You collected more deaths than any other teammate. You got most kills and the highest hero damage by far! If your team had been better you would not have died so often. Whoever likes to may report the support for being unskilled!


About Flom

Ich spiele am PC seit ich denken kann. Habe mit Old School Adventures (Space Quest) angefangen und bin über Commander Keen dann bei Duke Nukem 3D gelandet. Seit dem bin ich dem Shooter Genre verfallen und mausere mich durch allerlei Genres. Meine Favoriten sind ganz klar 3D-Shooter und seit Heroes of the Storm auch das MOBA Genre. Daneben interessiere ich mich noch stark für eSport allgemein.

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