Kingscup is coming!

It’s about time! The first tournament of Stormkings is going to start this weekend.

On the 26th of September in 2015 the first Stormkings tournament will happen and we want to celebrate it with you!
There will be a lot of nice people as well as kills waiting for you at the Kingscup and for sure there will also be some prizes for the winners.
We already have the prizes which you can win. You have to bring the rest, but we are sure that this won’t be a problem for you guys!

But who will stream our tournament? For sure there will be aSmoogl and KendricSwissh to show you that competition.

aSmoogl:             Youtube aSmoogle                –       Twitch aSmoogl

KendricSwissh: Youtube KendricSwissh       –       Twitch KendricSwissh


What do you have to know about the registration?
You can sign in on your own, but also you can sign in as a team. The teams can consist of 7 person, so that there is the possibility to change the members after the games during the competition.
In case you are alone or you want to queue in a team of 2-4 people, there will be the chance to find the missing members right before the tournament will start. You will have the chance to choose your teammates from all the people who sign in as a single person or also as a team of 2-4. It depend on how many guys you are!

If you want to sign in just click on the picture below!
kings <— KLICK HERE


xpekeWhat are the prices?
Like we already told you there will be some prizes for the best three teams of the Kingscup.
First Place:
5x Brand new white Onda Pro Headsets by Ozone Gaming. (And yes, it’s the same Headset which Xpeke (Origen) use!!!)
Second Place:
5x Ozone Neutron Mousepads
Third Place:
5x Surprise packages from our sponsoring box


What are the rules?
Every game you will contest is a Best of One, expect the finals. The fight for the first place and the fight for the third place will be a Best of Three.

Map Ban/Pick: The team who is in the draft on the top will start to ban a Map. You can choose between: Battlefield of Eternity, Blackheart’s Bay, Dragon Shire, Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror, Sky Temple, Tomb of Spider Queen.
Bans/Picks: There will be an extra channel in Heroes of the Storm where the teamleader may communicate. (/join kingscup1)

Draft: The draft will be accomplished at the Stormcraft Draft Tool
For the Draftmode: The team which did not start the map ban will start to ban the hero.
Double ban system: -> 1-1
Pick: 1-2-2
Ban: 1-1
Pick: 2-2-1

The latest time for the Check In will be at 15:15 CET. We won’t accept a Check-In after that time.flyer_pixelmouse

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