Heroes of the Storm – Choice Award 2016

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday, dear Heroes, Happy Birthday to you!

It’s almost only a week left until Heroes of the Storm has it’s first birthday on 2nd of June! Time flies, doesn’t it?

Since the very first release a lot of things happened to the game. There were many many new heroes added to the game, some maps and even a new gamemode (ARAM) found it’s way into the game. Of course, sometimes you get mad because of teammates not playing properly or even sabotaging your game. But we always have enough fun to keep it going 😉

Earlier this month we kindly asked you to participate in a survey which was or better is called Heroes Choice Award. And of course we didn’t ask only because we were bored! We’ve got something very special in mind for the very first anniversary of Heroes! We want to hand over an award to your favorite hero, map, mount, class and gamemode. So every vote counts! So, if you want your favorites to win the survey you better participate now!

The awards will be presented on Saturday 4th of June, 2016, and you can watch the show live! The event will take place in the TakeTV studios and therefor be streamed on their Twitch channel. Of course there will be some of the Stormkings staff members, as well as some proplayers. A little bird told us the team names mYinsanity and Team Liquid. But who knows? We are excited whom we will meet there in particular 😉

The event will last a minimum of 90 minutes. And of course we have already prepared something special for you for this time. There will be several raffles! The exact schedule as well as the things to do and how to win won’t be revealed yet! Just a hint: There will be some real cool stuff to win.

Further information like starting time, schedule, raffles, prizes and procedure will be announced the next days.

About Flom

Ich spiele am PC seit ich denken kann. Habe mit Old School Adventures (Space Quest) angefangen und bin über Commander Keen dann bei Duke Nukem 3D gelandet. Seit dem bin ich dem Shooter Genre verfallen und mausere mich durch allerlei Genres. Meine Favoriten sind ganz klar 3D-Shooter und seit Heroes of the Storm auch das MOBA Genre. Daneben interessiere ich mich noch stark für eSport allgemein.

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