Your guide to get the Hearthstone mount!

It’s widely known that Blizzard rewards player who play different games cross their BattleNet platform. Besides the Ironside Dire Wolf, a mount from World of Warcraft which gets granted in Heroes of the Storm to players who have a level 100 char in Worlf of Warcraft, players can achieve the a Hearthstone card mount since yesterday. But how to get this one?

The World of Warcraft mount in all three color variations

Unlike World of Warcraft, Hearthstone is a Free-2-Play title. So everyone has the possibility of achieving the Hearthstone mount for free. But you still have to win 100 games. So it won’t be a task of a couple of minutes and you have to play it for quite some time. But today we will show you how beginners with a simple deck achieve the necessary amount of wins quite fast.

The Hearthstone mount in all three color variations

But first to the basics:

-What is Hearthstone? 

Hearthstone is an Online Trading Card Game. You collect cards, build up your own decks and play against other players from around the world. Hearthstone is as already mentiones a Free-to-Play-Game. So you can download it for free and start playing immediately.

-How to play Hearthstone?

The basics of the game will be explained pretty detailed in a tutorial where you have to play against AI-enemies and get slowly introduced to the game. After this tutorial you should have acquired enough knowledge to successfully face the first AI-enemies outside the tutorial. Beating them unlocks the basic decks for each class.

-Which decks do I need?

We suggest a priest deck for getting started. This should be the deck you are making your first steps with.

-May I now challenge other players?

This question can only be answerd by yourself. The basic priest deck gives you some good cards to play. But you will also face players who have played their heroes for some time and therefor achieved more cards than you did. So you should play your deck until you feel well prepared and achieved some additional cards.

The first own deck:

After having played some matches you can extend your deck with the first cards acquired for reaching higher levels.

Deck1  This is how your deck should look like the next matches. Essentially important cards are the following:

 can become a 7/7 quite early in the game with Powerword: Shield. You should care about the effect of losing life causes reduced attack of the minion but it’s a very good card to deal massive damage to the enemy hero in the early game. You should try to keep Lightspawn always at full life with your hero power (spend 2 mana to heal 2 life).

Weakness: Silence effects make Lightspawn have zero attack points and therefore useless.

Gurubashi Berserker seems to be not that powerful at all. But the effect of gaining +3 attack each time he suffers damage makes him to a very dangerous card to the opponent. Especially when played in a priest deck. Your ability of healing it up every time it suffers from medium and not Gurubashifatal damage can make it to a real beast. You should try eliminating the weaker minions of your enemy with the Gurubashi Berserker and heal him up all the time. After a couple of rounds your card will have like 8/7 or even 11/7 and can be stopp

ed by spells only, or mostly only. It would be especially fatal to your opponent if you are able to play Divine Spirit before the first strike. The spell’s effect will make your minion 7/7 and every attack against minions will push its attack value higher and higher. Additionally the Gurubashi Beserker prevents your opponent from using Area-of-Effect (AoE) cards, because he would be giving your minion increased attack.

Weakness: Again, silence effects are your worst enemy here. At least it won’t become useless because a 2/7 minion on the battlefield can still be pretty useful.

Now you should have a deck which is pretty easy to play but still has enough power. I did pretty good with this deck when I started playing Hearthstone. But never forget, Hearthstone will always depend on the God of Randomness. Sometimes it will happen that you get a bad hand and chances are pretty bad, but, never give up!


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